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Dr. Ron Remick has had a distinguished and exemplary career in the field of psychiatry. He completed university at Johns Hopkins in 1970 and medical training at George Washington Medical School, Washington, DC in 1974 before immigrating to Vancouver.  He completed his psychiatry specialty training at the University of British Columbia and has practiced in Vancouver since 1978.

Since the onset of his career, Dr. Remick has had an interest in the treatment of mood disorders (depression, manic depression or bipolar illness) and what was a budding and novel treatment in psychiatry in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s – the use of medication to treat psychiatric illness (psychopharmacology). 

Early in his career he had a ‘radical’ orientation: that educated patients or ‘informed consumers’ are likely to receive better care than they do through a traditional ‘paternal/child’ doctor-patient relationship which was the mainstay of medical treatment 25-30 years ago. His orientation, which was novel at the time, led to a long term affiliation with the then-fledgling advocacy group – the Mood Disorders Association of BC. Dr. Remick offered of regular public health/community presentations on different aspects of psychiatry and psychiatric treatments so that the public could have a ‘hands on’ contact with a psychiatrist.

In 1986, Dr. Remick was recruited to UBC where he became the Assistant Head of the Department of Psychiatry and founded the Mood Disorders Clinic and was its first Medical Director. The Mood Disorders Clinic continues to have an international reputation for its research in the field. 

Dr. Remick left UBC in 1992 and took a position as a Consultant Psychiatrist, St. Paul’s Hospital, doing both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric work until December 2013. In addition, in 1992 he also took a position as the Medical Director, Lake Whatcom Residential and Treatment Center, Bellingham Washington, and worked there from 1992-2008.  At Lake Whatcom he cared for over 400 chronically ill psychotic patients. He learned about a different medical system in the USA, and was fortunate to be honored with numerous awards for his community service while in Bellingham.   

In 2009, Dr. Remick and his colleague Dr. Chris Gorman began to implement an alternative model of psychiatric outpatient care at the Mood Disorders Association of BC in order to reach out to the multitude of patients who had no access to psychiatric evaluation and treatment. This model – the MDA Psychiatric Urgent Care Program – encourages active patient education and involvement in their care, as well as the use of group medical visits and email communication, in lieu of individual follow up psychiatric visits. Dr. Remick has been the Medical Director of this program since 2009. More information about the program, how to make a referral, and the newly implemented MDA Wellness Centre can be found on the MDA website


Throughout his career, Dr. Remick has been active in research and teaching. He taught the bulk of psychiatrists who did their training at UBC and who are in practice at this time, as well as many of the family physicians in our community. He has published over 200 articles, letters and book chapters in scientific journals. See Dr. Remick's Publications and Abstracts.

Dr. Remick is proud and honored that from 2009 to the present, on the web site RateMDs he received the highest rating of all BC psychiatrists and has been rated among the top 100 doctors in BC. In 2013, Dr. Remick was honoured by the Canadian Psychiatric Association with the CA Roberts Award for clinical leadership and innovation in Canadian psychiatry.

Despite his academic and administrative work, Dr. Remick’s passion has always been direct patient care which he continues to do half time.

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