Welcome to Dr. Remick's Group Medical Visits.

Since February 2011, Dr. Remick offers group medical visits (GMV) in lieu of individual follow-up visits for patients he has treated in his outpatient practice at St. Paul’s.

GMV is efficient. In a one-hour group of 8 patients, Dr. Remick can see 4-8 times as many patients compared to seeing people in individual follow ups. 

For more information on GMV, see a video demonstration of a GMV on the MDA website. You will also find recent articles and poster presentations conducted by our group and presented in peer-reviewed scientific journals and at national psychiatric conferences.

GMV does not change any other aspect of the care Dr. Remick will continue to offer you. He will continue to order prescriptions, complete insurance forms, etc and if there is a concern in between appointments you are always free to email or call him. He is available by phone for emergencies. If the voice mail says that he is away, please continue to listen and hear instructions as to what you may do in an emergency.

Booking a Group Medical Visit

Please note GMV is only available for patients who have had a previous individual assessment at the MDA (or St Paul’s Hospital) by Dr Remick and/or one of the other psychiatrists at MDA. Also note that as of December 1, 2013, Dr. Remick is working out of the MDA offices at 1450-605 Robson Street and no longer has an office at St. Paul's Hospital.


Before booking a group visit, please confirm your schedule is clear for this time. You are requested to always arrive on time. Not only is it rude to keep others in the group waiting, but the group will begin with patients who are there at the start. If you are late arriving, there may not be time for your participation.

Note: Please give us at least 24 hours cancelation notice as we often turn people away if the group is full, and a late cancelation deprives your fellow patients of an opportunity to attend.  A fee is charged for failure to give us 24 hour cancellation notice.

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Why Group Medical Visits?

GMV is effective. Decades of medical research comparing group versus individual treatment has shown that, at worst, group treatment is equal to individual treatments. Further, in one- quarter of the studies, group treatment outperforms and is more effective than individual care. There are several reasons for this which include knowing you are not alone, education and knowledge imparted to you as you hear others talk about their treatment, the cathartic value of sharing with others, and the lessoning of stigma associated with mental illness.

GMV is contemporary. GMV is not new to medicine — it is increasingly used to treat patients with similar illnesses, such as with high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. This model is new to psychiatry but the psychiatric treatments (both psychological and biological) for depression, anxiety, bipolar illness are very similar. This is why Dr. Remick believes this model is effective.